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Made Well Mama
Physical Therapy & Wellness

Welcome! Made Well Mama Physical Therapy & Wellness is a mobile women's health practice located in Richmond, VA specializing in pelvic floor physical therapy and prenatal/postpartum rehabilitation and wellness. Made Well Mama provides a comprehensive, evidenced based, whole body approach to identity the root cause of your symptoms and/or to identify potential dysfunctions to help reduce your risk of injury or condition development. Every session is 1 on 1 with Dr. Lindsay and customized plans are developed, tailored to your unique situation. Dr. Lindsay enjoys building relationships with her clients, supporting you physically, mentally and emotionally, wherever you may be in your journey. Time is valuable so Made Well Mama provides convenient mobile (Dr. Lindsay comes to you!) and virtual sessions. Let Made Well Mama support, empower and care for you the way you so selflessly care for others! 

Who Is A Mama?

If you have ever...

Supported someone
Cared for someone
Loved someone
Encouraged someone
Motivated someone
Helped someone
Advocated for someone

You are a Mama!



 Thursday & Saturday (limited hours)

See booking site for specific appointment hours

Wondering if you are at risk for pelvic floor dysfunction? Want to learn tips to help protect your pelvic floor? Submit your email address today for this free document to help assess your risk and helpful tips!


Richmond, VA

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