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Made Well Mama Physical Therapy & Wellness

At Made Well Mama, you will receive a comprehensive, hands-on, whole body assessment. I help with:




  • Urine/bowel incontinence

  • Prolapse

  • Diastatsis recti (abdominal seperation) & hernias

  • Back/SI joint pain

  • Pelvic pain 

  • Posture assessment 

  • Birth prep (34+ weeks)

  • Pregnancy pain & wellness

  • Postpartum wellness/return to exercise

  • Cesarean scar recovery 

  • General wellness exercise routines & injury prevention

 Made Well Mama Services

Mobile Services

  • In home initial evaluation (75 mins)- $185

  • In home wellness assessment- (60 mins)- $155

  • In home follow up visit (60 mins)- $155

  • Birth prep session (90 mins, 34+ weeks) -$225

  • Early Postpartum session (90 mins,postpartum weeks 1-6)- $225

Virtual Services 

  • Virtual initial evaluation-60 mins ($140)

  • Virtual initial evaluation-45 mins ($105)

  • Virtual follow up- 45 mins ($105)

  • Virtual follow up-30 mins ($80)

Mama Empowered Program 
(click here to learn more)
Early Postpartum weeks 1-6

$275- 90 min mobile (in person) session + one 30 min virtual follow up visit
$342- 90 min mobile (in person) session + one 60 min mobile (in person) session 

The first 6 weeks after birth is such an exciting time, yet so many changes are going on; both with your own body and your life as you've added a little one. Let Made Well Mama be there with you through these weeks when often times it can feel lonely with minimal support! Reconnecting with your breath, core, pelvic floor and working on postural exercises is safe and important to begin during these first few weeks postpartum. Help set yourself up for a successful postpartum recovery!
*Interested in purchasing this package? Email Dr. Lindsay! 

15 min Free phone consultation 

Want to chat before booking? Email me to schedule! 

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