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Mama Empowered

Early Postpartum Weeks 1-6

Calling all brand new Mamas!


The days immediately after the birth of your baby are exciting but can also be a nerve wracking, isolating time with lots of questions. There are many scheduled visits with your OBGYN leading up to the birth of your baby, but then very minimal interaction and support once baby is born. Let Made Well Mama help bridge the gap between you and your OBGYN during these first few weeks postpartum.

** This program is also great for mothers beyond 6 weeks postpartum if you have not already reestablished foundational exercises or are new to exercise**

Newborn's Care

While participating in this program, you will receive:

  • A free 30+ page educational postpartum resource guide

  • One 90 min mobile (in person ) consultation visit

  • You pick: One 30 min virtual or one 60 min mobile (in person) follow up visit to be used within the first 6 weeks

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Lindsay through email 


Visits will be used to initiate an individualized exercise program suited for the very early weeks postpartum (focusing on breathing, reconnecting and postural exercises), to discuss body mechanics with daily activities, education on postpartum recovery timeline, red flag sign/symptoms as well as to answer any questions/concerns you may have within my scope of practice and to help advocate and refer you to other professionals/health care providers if needed.

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